Work package A.2: Analysis of the development of supply

A deepened analysis of the development of the protection industry in Germany is undertaken in work package A.2. By interviewing members of the protection industry and public security institutions, BIGS examines to what extent public and private players operate in the field of protection services, to what extent this contributes to cooperation between public and private security institutions, and in which segments the sources of the growth of the protection industry lie. Therefore, it is planned to conduct interviews with police officers and security staff about the cooperation of these groups.

In the role of a mediator, project partner BDSW supports the acquisition of empirical information on the supply side, continuously controls in which security fields enterprises see growth potential, and considers how it can be realized. Furthermore BDSW gathers assessments of its association members regarding quality management of labor and technology as well as the regulation of emerging public-private business and forms of cooperation.

By means of an analysis of national and international security research projects, project partner Fraunhofer FOKUS identifies relevant technological trends in the field of supply and classifies them using the criteria model. Thus, FOKUS analyzes to what extent technological developments have an influence on the development of supply by private business, and which trends are to be expected. Project partner University of Potsdam prepares a status-quo-shot of the state of science, and drivers of development of public supply, from the perspective of public administration studies. Specific characteristics in supply are thereby identified.