Work package B.2: International case studies

In this work package, the developments on the market for protection services should be analysed in three comparative countries (Sweden, Great Britain and the United States). The goal is to draw conclusions for market design in Germany. This is done by answering the following basic questions: What could be possible reasons (societal, cultural, institutional) of various developments and forms of this market? What kinds of trends will show up in the future? Which institutional protection service arrangements, as they exist in comparative countries, are convincing and potentially transferable to Germany?

Two approaches are used methodically: firstly, quantitative resp. econometric analyses are conducted, while secondly expert interviews build an important basis in the respective countries.

Against the background of the results, the interdisciplinary interaction with the project partners will be essential regarding the assessment of the transferability of certain business models to Germany, as compatibility with legal systems and political and institutional feasibility have to be tested as well. In addition, the integrability into the German supply market of protection services must be examined, while this integrability will – to a certain extent – be country specific and path-dependent.