Work package A.3: Analysis of the development of demand

WP A.3 addresses analyses of demand for and supply of protection services as well as of the driving forces of an increasing private demand for protection services in Germany. In the analysis, BIGS considers the development of demand, especially normative concepts, like the public review of the – real or experienced, absolute or relative – privatisation of security. There is also the question, to what extent private players have a responsibility to protect, according to the costs-by-cause principle.

Project partner FSU Jena identifies the cultural and social changes (such as security perceptions) that drive private demand. Project partner University of Potsdam considers in the context of an inventory taking – mirror-inverted to the supply side – the public demand side as well as its development; and especially the changes and dynamics of business and cooperation forms.

BDSW supports the qualitive and quantitative empirical approaches of the project partners by examining assessments of its associated members regarding public, private, and consumer-oriented demand. It exercises this scout function alongside a continuous reality test in its validation function.