Work package C: Knowledge transfer

The goal of work package C is the knowledge transfer of the results generated in work packages B.1-3. This process shall, on one hand, support the exchange of experiences in the ongoing project with science and practice and therefore encourage the quality assurance of the works. On the other hand, the sustainability of the developed service ought to be ensured by providing the results to stakeholders from the protection industry, authorities and organizations with security tasks, and politicians as information offer. The work package C relies on the efforts of the upstream work packages or accompanies them as a supportive tool.

The ongoing exchange between science and practice is supported by different measures: 1) solution approaches and interim results are discussed by internal and external project experts during several research workshops; 2) an advisory council of external members ensures additional steering regarding scientific, social, and political perspectives; 3) an international closing conference with experts in the field of security economics provides comprehensive discussions of the project results, as well as an opportunity for networking and exchange of scientists and other actors of the security research with practitioners; 4) the results contribute to lectures at universities; 5) specialist and popular scientific publications ensure the dissemination to a wide audience; 6) an open information platform (as a demonstrator framework) will provide project outcomes as a prepared range of information in consideration of precise frameworks.

Work package C contributes to the distribution, sustainable usage and the stabilization of the generated findings, creates an information gain for the user group and at the same time supports the general approach of the whole project by integrating different specialist and interest groups.